Let’s make the world
a smarter place.

Cafetino is designed to be the next big player for on-the-go ordering. Taking into account the unpleasant pandemic situation, we had to identify ways of making people’s day-to-day lives easier, so our team gathered all their experience and knowledge in order to create a practical product that the market clearly needs.

We figured it out.

The benefit of the platform goes two ways, one in the direction of the customer that skips queues and avoids crowded places, and the other in the direction of street businesses, such as coffee shops, where it helps with the continuation of business growth, highly impacted by the present times.

The appetite is high for a domain not fully exploited at the moment and Europe stands for one third of the global coffee consumption resulting in a market value of tens of billions of euro.

Our plan is to be able to meet the needs of customers through a “Start Local, Dream Global” approach and, in parallel, to focus on business development and effective partnerships.
We truly believe that Cafetino can help shape the future of retail.

What drove us to this point was realizing that any idea is valuable.
If you want to be part of our smart retail approach, drop us a line so we can pick up a coffee and discuss more: